8th annual sonoma nature & optics fair
Saturday September 8, 2018 | 10 Am - 4 PM

Sonoma Barracks at the Historic Sonoma square

Kid-Friendly and Free

Join us for the Sonoma Nature & Optics Fair on Saturday, September 8. Nature organizations representing fins, feathers, fauna, flora and flippers will be on hand to introduce the public to many important conservation efforts from Sacramento to San Jose. EAC will represent environmental advocacy efforts happening in in West Marin. 

Major binocular and spotting scope companies including Out of This World from Mendocino along with new European optics companies Meopta and Sirui will join Swarovski, Leica, Zeiss, Nikon, Kowa and Celestron. All of these vendors will be on hand to give advise, answer technical questions, offer products for sale and demonstration. 

The outdoor festival is sponsored by the nonprofit Sonoma Birding-Nature, and in collaboration with CA State Parks and Sonoma-Petaluma Parks. 

Tom Rusert, co-founder with Darren Peterie of the largest single nature event in Northern California, said “the free event is for anyone who cherishes the outdoors and desires to learn more about our natural world.  Outdoor enthusiasts involved with photography, birding, biking, hiking, kayaking and gardening will really enjoy this festival. Many leading experts will be on hand.


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2017 Coastal Clean Up Photo Blog

We had over 60+ volunteers, and removed 1,000+ pounds of debris out of the Tomales Bay watershed.  
The event was followed by an amazing friends barbecue. 

Diver Deeper: Learn About and Take Action For the coast!

The Problem


Ocean trash effects the health of wildlife, people and local economies

Ocean trash affects the health of wildlife, people and local economies. From plankton to whales, animals across ocean ecosystems have been contaminated by plastic. Today, plastic has been found in 62% of all sea birds and in 100% of sea turtle species. Trash in the water and on the shore can be mistaken as food by wildlife, or entangle animals with lethal consequences. Plastic also attracts and concentrates other pollutants from surrounding seawater, posing a contamination risk to those species that then eat it. Scientists are studying the impacts of that contamination on fish and shellfish and as well as the possible impact it may have on human health as well. 




The Solution

Marine debris isn’t an ocean problem—
it’s a people problem.

That means people are the solution. Tackling the problem of plastic in the ocean begins on land, and with your purchase power. Reduction in plastics use, especially of single-use disposable products, and the collection of, and the reuse, recycling and or reinvention of plastics in developing countries can help to reduce the amount of plastic waste that enters the ocean.






Become aware, change habitats, use your purchase power and reuse, recycle and reinvent!

Join or donate to EAC, or other local nonprofits fighting to protect ocean resources, and get outside with their volunteer efforts. 

Volunteer with the Marin MPA (Marin Protected Areas) Watch

Purchase a Whale Tail License Plate

Sign the Ocean Conservancy's petition to ask your Senators to turn the tide on ocean plastics

Download and use the CleanSwell App to start recording long-term data for coastal clean up efforts.



California Coastal Commission Resources and Programs
Ocean Conservancy's 2017 Data Release