West Marin's Agricultural Lands

West Marin County consists of a patchwork of county, state, federal lands and private property. In the 1950s and 60s Marin County embraced developer and land speculator plans to construct 156,000 homes and construct a highway running from San Rafael to Point Reyes Station (the West Marin Plan). This plan was defeated due to grassroots resistance by individuals and organizations, like EAC, through a chorus of criticism. 

Local communities pushed for the reversal of development friendly planning and advocated for thoughtful and forward thinking land-use measures to prevent gradual erosion of open space, protect working agricultural operations, discourage land speculation, and prevent urban sprawl and over-development. Throughout the 1970s and 1980s ordinances and planning regulations were enacted to protect open space, agricultural heritage, and terrestrial and coastal habitats including A-60 zoning (1971) and the Local Coastal Plan (1981).

Marin County has almost 167,000 acres of land designated as agricultural lands (farms or ranches) and according to Marin County Department of Agriculture, Weights & Measures' 2015 Marin County Livestock and Crop Report that totals the counts, acreage, yields, and gross value of production is estimated at $111,061,000. 

Since 1971 EAC has supported and participated in the public process to ensure appropriate land-use planning has been implemented to protect our most valuable environmental and cultural resources in West Marin.



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