CA Takes Major Steps to Ban Offshore Oil Drilling

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May 30th, California's Assembly and Senate passed Assembly Bill 1775 and Senate Bill 834 respectively. The bills create new measures that will prevent offshore drilling by prohibiting the State Lands Commission from issuing new leases for oil-related infrastructure in California's coastal waters and preventing current leases from being modified to support new oil drilling. This is a major step towards preventing new offshore oil drilling infrastructure development, as oil industries interested in drilling offshore will need to transport their oil through Canada or Mexico. The legislature is expected to finalize and pass the bills in August.

May 2018 | coalition to fight offshore oil meeting

May 2018 | coalition to fight offshore oil meeting

EAC is proud to participate in a coalition working to promote and raise awareness of the dangers of the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management's proposal to open up 90% of the United States coastline to offshore oil drilling and fracking. EAC joined with other organizations to send letters of support for AB 1775 and AB 834.  

California is leading the effort with a ground up campaign to activate concerned citizens and organizations throughout the state to take action to prevent feasibility of investing in offshore drilling or fracking in our coastal waters.

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