California Loves the Coast - No Drill No Spill!

Drakes Beach (c) Carlos Porrata

Majority OpposeS More Coastal Drilling

A recent survey published by the Public Policy Institute of California confirms what many of us already know, Californians love our coast! Nine in ten #PPICSurvey respondents want to maintain marine protected areas (MPAs) to protect fish and wildlife. Two in three Californians oppose drilling off our coast. Solid majorities across all age, education, income, and racial/ethnic groups are opposed. 


we love the coast, so we don't want it covered in oil!

This is why EAC is part of an offshore oil opposition coalition working to oppose our federal administration's plans to drill and frack along the West Coast. California is taking steps to prevent this by advancing bills AB 1775 and SB 834 that prohibit the leasing of state waters for new construction of oil and gas-related infrastructure. UPDATE! The Senate Appropriations Committee put AB 1775 in the suspense file on August 6th. 

Earlier this month an op-ed was published in the San Diego Times encouraging our state legislators to pass these bills: "We can’t control what happens in federal waters, but we do control our shores. By passing #AB1775 #SB834, we can send a strong message to Washington D.C. that our oceans are not for sale." 


What can you do?!

You can help to protect the coast by:

  1. Supporting local environmental organizations who are coordinating to oppose these threats to our coast.
  2. Contacting your representatives to support local, state, and federal legislation aimed at preventing expansion of oil and fracking in our coastal waters. 
  3. Signing up your local business to be part of the Business Alliance for Protecting the Pacific Coast (BAPPC).
  4. Getting your hands dirty and joining EAC for coastal clean up day on September 15th!