Birding By Ear

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Birding By Ear


Grab our 2-CD Birding By Ear set and learn how to identify birds by sound. Perfect for the budding birder in your circle. A total of 56 species covering various habitats including:

1) Grasslands/Chaparral

2) Forest/Open Woodlands

3) Wetlands

Plus, More Birding by Ear covering 60 species by bird type including,

1) Waterbirds

2) Raptors

3) Landbirds

4) Shorebirds

5) Winter Birds

Pick Up & Shipping Notes
CDs are available immediately for pick up in the EAC office in Point Reyes Station. Orders are processed in two business days and sent standard mail (5-7 business days). Call us and we can order them for you. Got questions, or need a rush order? Contact us 415-663-9312.

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