Birding By Ear

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Birding By Ear


Grab our 2-CD Birding By Ear set and learn how to identify birds by sound. Perfect for the budding birder in your circle. A total of 56 species covering various habitats including:

1) Grasslands/Chaparral

2) Forest/Open Woodlands

3) Wetlands

Plus, More Birding by Ear covering 60 species by bird type including,

1) Waterbirds

2) Raptors

3) Landbirds

4) Shorebirds

5) Winter Birds

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CDs are available immediately for pick up in the EAC office in Point Reyes Station. Shipping takes 1 week depending on the holiday and your order time. Mail orders before December 15th will be mailed for the holiday. See something you like that is out? Call us and we can order them for you. Got questions, or need a rush order? Contact us 415-663-9312.

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