Pesticides and Toxins

West Marin is a unique environment with an exceptional community working for clean air, pure waters, healthy ecosystems, a diverse and thriving native flora and fauna, and the preservation of a rural, community spirit. Prevention of unnecessary pesticide use is critical for the residents and sensitive ecosystems of West Marin. EAC continues to advocate for limited and responsible pesticide use. 

EAC was a petitioner in a successful lawsuit against the California Department of Food and Agriculture, challenging a statewide pest program that allowed spraying over schools, neighborhoods, and organic farms. 

EAC is also a proud council member of the West Marin Mosquito Council (WMMC). The WMMC is a community group composed of representatives of our local public utilities and environmental groups focused on the use of pesticides in West Marin. We are also an organizational member of Californians for Pesticide Reform

EAC partners with other organizations to send comment letters about responsible pesticide use in California, including submitting comments in 2017 on pesticide use near schools and the phase out of chlorpyrifos. In 2018, we sent comments in opposition to gutting safeguards protecting imperiled species from pesticides

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Prevention & ADVOCACY