Russell Ridge Education Fund

in memory of late EAC member, educator & environmentalist


The Russell Ridge Education Fund seeks to facilitate lasting and meaningful relationships with the environments of West Marin by providing access to and awareness of the natural world through nature-based education for middle and high school students, college scholarships and entry level naturalist internships. The fund aims to honor Russell Ridge’s legacy and EAC’s ongoing mission to inspire and engage generations to protect and steward the unique and irreplaceable lands, waters and biodiversity of West Marin.


In June 2018, EAC launched the Education Fund in honor of professor, former board member and financial contributor, and long-time West Marin resident, Russell Ridge. Russell was a biology professor at College of Marin (COM), who was passionate about the natural environment and providing students with hands-on exploration of the natural world.  

Education Fund Goals

  • Provide College of Marin scholarships to students enrolled in the Natural History Program for tuition and books

  • Provide employment experience for scholarship students to participate as naturalist guide leaders for youth education programming

  • Provide and/or support EAC’s West Marin Wild nature-based youth educational field trips in Marin County Parks

APplication & Student Eligibility

In order for students to be eligible for the scholarship, they must meet the below conditions:

  • Accepted or enrolled as a student of College of Marin.

  • A California resident and eligible for California residency enrollment tuition.

  • Complete EAC scholarship and submit by the deadline.

  • Plan to register for at least two classes within the Natural History Certificate program (program schedule posted later by COM).

  • Not a relative of the EAC Board of Directors, Staff, or Selection Committee members.


Natural History Certificate Requirements 2018.jpg


We recommend that you read through the questions and answer your short answers on another document and copy and paste into this form when you are ready to apply.

applications for the fall 2020 and spring 2021 will be accepted in march 2020.

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Natural History program classes are posted by College of Marin when the class catalogue is available. Note for 2019-2020 students, the program is being revised and the new set of classes is listed above. Please let us know which classes you plan to take once the schedule is posted. There may be some variances in what is available each semester.
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To complete your scholarship application, you must also submit one letter of recommendation from a science or natural history teacher evaluating your character, ethics, and connection with the natural environment. Submit your letter of recommendation to or mail to EAC, Attn: Scholarships, PO BOx 609, Point Reyes Station, CA 94956.
You must certify the accuracy of your application before submitting to EAC for review.