Thank you for joining us on the
Pelagic Trip to Cordell Bank

with guides Alan Hopkins, Steve Howell and David Wimpfheimer
aboard the New Sea Angler with Captain Rick Powers

2017 Pelagic Trip Species List
Photos below

Bodega Bay is perhaps the single most productive birding area in Sonoma County. It is recognized nationwide and internationally as an important birding spot. Located along Pacific Coast migration routes, it is an excellent place to see migrants in spring and fall, but it offers excellent birding throughout the year. 

Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary is an extremely productive marine area off the west coast of United States in northern California, just north of the Gulf of the Farallones and is great for pelagic birdwatching and marine mammal sightings. With its southern-most boundary located 42 miles north of San Francisco, the sanctuary is entirely offshore, with the eastern boundary six miles from shore and the western boundary 30 miles offshore. In total, the sanctuary protects an area of 1286 square miles.

This was my first time to Cordell Bank, and I really enjoyed seeing a diversity of people on board. There were a lot of passionate birdwatchers, so that was pretty exciting. I had never seen a black-footed albatross, and I think we saw around 50 of them! I feel very fortunate to have had the chance to experience a full day on a boat in such good weather. Overall it was a really amazing day.

             - Izzy Doerschlag, EAC Coastal Advocate and Summer Marin MPA Intern

It was wonderful being able to get to spend time somewhere so pristine that not many people get to experience. I am very thankful for the opportunity to get to spend such a beautiful day with such knowledgable people and getting to see such amazing wildlife!

            - Conner Cimmiyotti, EAC Intern of the Year