Wildlife Protection

Save the date for the 10th annual Point Reyes Birding & Nature Festival April 26-28, 2019! 

Marin County contains some of the most ecologically diverse and unique landscapes in the world. Many serve as the last refuges and critical habitat for populations of native plants and animals. For example, the Golden Gate National Recreation Area is home to 35 rare, threatened and endangered species, and the Point Reyes National Seashore is home to over 50.

As part of EAC's mission we work to protect the immense biodiversity of West Marin including the local wildlife and habitats. Maintaining species biodiversity is key to thriving ecosystems. Our work strives to provide long-term protection of the unique ecosystems of West Marin, and serves as a foundation of environmental protection for future generations. Part of EAC's initial and continued focus is to protect West Marin’s unique flora and fauna through education and advocacy. Learn more about the local flora and fauna of West Marin at our annual Point Reyes Birding and Nature Festival!  

Visit the links below for more detailed information about our efforts to protect local bird habitats, including advocacy around bird nesting protection in Marin County, as well as our work on the Tomales Dunes, where endangered plovers are found. The Tomales Dunes is one of only eight sites in North America where Pacific golden plovers (Pluvialia fulva) have been known to overwinter. Also in 2017, we joined others in advocating for more funding for monarch butterfly conservation and habitat restoration


Red-winged blackbird © Carlos Porrata

Red-winged blackbird © Carlos Porrata

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