Youth Education 

EAC is uniquely positioned at the intersections of West Marin’s county, state and federal public lands and open space preserves and is able to provide hands on environmental educational experiences that foster greater understanding of the natural world and inspire the future stewards of our local environment. Environmental education is an important way we accomplish our mission to protect and sustain the unique lands, waters, and biodiversity of West Marin. 

Our educational programming offers unique experiences for students to engage with the natural environment using observational skills and technology. There is a growing base of research being done around the value of environmental education for improving academic achievement, breaking the indoor habit, improving health and wellbeing, cultivating leadership qualities, and improving focus and cognition.

We believe that providing educational opportunities in nature create lasting and meaningful impressions on youth that help to create the environmental stewards of the future.

EAC currently has successful partnerships with local schools including Shoreline and Lagunitas School Districts, Terra Linda High School, Novato High School, Redwood High School, Sir Francis Drake High School, Marin Catholic High School, College of Marin, Dominican University, Sonoma State University, and University of San Francisco. 


Watershed Field Trip 2017


Starting in 2017, EAC teamed up with Marin County Parks to provide field trips in three distinct and unique habitats. Our programing is designed to support team building, observation skills, and movement through hiking and searching for specific habitats and species to document.

Our environment is the classroom, teaching youth about microhabitats, species observation, and utilization of iNaturalist technology for bioblitz movement based lessons for kids to not only get outside but interact with their surroundings and have fun. 

Contact our office to book your field spring or fall field trip today!

Field trip locations include Roy's Redwoods, Bolinas Lagoon, or Agate Beach. Agate Beach is also a marine protected area. Field trips have limited transportation funding for buses and/or parent reimbursement.

Learn more and read more on our pilot program successes. 

College Interns MPA Watch


Since 2013, EAC, Point Reyes National Seashore, and the California Academy of Sciences have partnered training citizen-scientists to collect human use data from Marin County shorelines that border California's network of Marine Protected Areas. 

Today, in addition to training public volunteers we also provide education and outreach to our local schools through classroom trips and field trips (to the beach) about California's network of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs). 

Annually we engage with 200 students and provide five internships through this program to high school and college students to learn about coastal advocacy and stewardship.

Youth Birding 2016


Since 2010, EAC has hosted the annual Point Reyes Birding & Nature Festival, which provides programming for families and students each year. 

Festival attendees have the opportunity to view migrating seabirds, waterfowl, and resident and migrant land birds.  In addition to the unique birding opportunities, there are stunning wildflower displays, tidepools, butterflies, and dragonflies, migrating whales, elephant seals, sea lions, and tule elk waiting to be discovered.

Family programming and scholarships for youth and teachers are posted annually in March or April. More information may be found on the Festival website.


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Connect with Nature!

One of the world’s most popular nature apps, iNaturalist helps you identify the plants and animals around you. Get connected with a community of over 750,000 scientists and naturalists who can help you learn more about nature! What’s more, by recording and sharing your observations, you’ll create research quality data for scientists working to better understand and protect nature. iNaturalist is a joint initiative by the California Academy of Sciences and the National Geographic Society.

That's the vision behind iNaturalist. So if you like recording your findings from the outdoors, or if you just like learning about life, join us!

EAC’s youth programming is also supported by the



Russell Ridge was a biology professor at College of Marin (COM). Russell was passionate about the natural environment and taking students outside for hands-on exploration of the natural world. Russell was a long-time supporter and friend of EAC, working to support environmental education programming over the years and volunteering at EAC events. The Russell Ridge Education Fund seeks to facilitate lasting relationships with the environments in West Marin to inspire and engage the next generation to protect and steward the irreplaceable land and seascapes.

Learn More and apply for current scholarships to College of Marin’s Natural History program.

Fall 2018 Youth Education field trip to Roy’s Redwoods with San Pedro Elementary School.  Check out iNaturalist observations.

Fall 2018 Youth Education field trip to Roy’s Redwoods with San Pedro Elementary School. Check out iNaturalist observations.

Ridge Education Advisory Committee:

EAC’s committees provide expertise and oversight for our educational programming. Our Ridge Education Advisory Committee provides critical transparency and oversight for the Ridge Education Fund and helps to guide staff decision-making and outreach for the Fund.

The Ridge Advisory Committee reviews financial statements, scholarship applications and awards, and assists with outreach and fundraising. Ultimately, the Committee works to ensure the Fund is meeting its goals to facilitate lasting relationships with the environments in West Marin to inspire and engage the next generation to protect and steward the irreplaceable land and seascapes.

BOARD & Staff

David Weinsoff, ESQ., EAC Secretary

Sarah Killingsworth, Director

Morgan Patton, Executive Director

Jessica Taylor, Development Director


Margaret Ridge, Ridge Family

Joe Mueller, College of Marin Biology Professor, EAC Member, Student of Russell Ridge

Thomas Yarish, Community Member, EAC Member, Student of Russell Ridge.