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Ocean Day

EAC Is Taking the Coast to the Capitol! On February 20th, we will be taking our coastal advocacy to the 14th Ocean Day held at the California State capitol building in Sacramento.

EAC staff will meet with legislators to share important coastal issues, and the Marin MPA Watch Volunteer Program, while networking with groups from all over the state. 

The mission of Ocean Day is to convey a unified message from the ocean and coastal community that educates and inspires decision makers to work toward effective solutions aimed at protecting and restoring California’s iconic ocean and coastline.

The California State Capitol is far from the coast, but decisions and laws forged there have large impacts on the future of the coast and ocean. That is why Ocean Day has been bringing advocates to the State Capitol to discuss important ocean issues with state legislators. This event continues to educate legislators on the most up-to-date issues and events concerning our oceans and how they keep California beautiful. 

Contact us if you would like to learn more and/or join EAC at the capital to advocate for marine protection.