Audrey Barth

September 2019-December 2019
Audrey’s internship is focused on communication, and developing how EAC communicates their climate change initiatives. 

Audrey joined EAC for a fall internship in 2019. She grew up in Marin County, and spent her childhood exploring and appreciating nature. Her environmental interest was piqued when she joined the Marin School of Environmental Leadership at Terra Linda High School, where she learned leadership skills and had curriculum focused on environmentalism; she also had the opportunity to intern at Strategic Energy Innovations. After graduating in 2016, she worked for Greenpeace as a fundraiser in Portland, OR. 

She recently got her Associate in Arts degree at Clark College near Portland, and just transferred to Dominican University in San Rafael to finish her Bachelor’s in communication with a focus in environmental studies. She is very excited to be working with EAC and getting experience in environmental communication.

I have learned so much from my short time at EAC, and have been honored to work with such a supportive, inspiring, and ambitious group. The projects I worked on will ensure the future protections of the Point Reyes National Seashore, and the hands-on experience gained from collaborating with Marin County to develop new programs will support my career for years to come. I will truly miss the team. Thank you EAC family!
— Courtney

courtney bloodgood,
CONSERVATION legal and policy intern

May 2019-August 2019
Courtney’s internship is focused on public lands, specifically Point Reyes National Seashore.

Courtney joined the EAC team for a summer internship in 2019. Originally from Sacramento, Courtney grew up hiking and traveling throughout California. Through her work as a child in assisting bird of prey research with her family, she realized the importance of environmental protections at a young age.

Courtney has worked with numerous nonprofits and community organizations, impacting local initiatives and environmental protections in California. Her recent work includes serving on the board of directors for The Institute for Criminal Justice Training reform and outreach and education to support better policy protections for California’s forests with the Sierra Club. She is a law student at UC Davis Law School. Very excited to be a part of the EAC team, she is greatly looking forward to protecting the beautiful wildlife and lands of West Marin.

Working with EAC was a great experience that lent insight to how effective community advocacy should be done. Every single person at EAC is passionate about protecting Marin’s unique ecosystems and resources for the good of the community. This became evident early on in my internship by the sheer number of community members that stopped by simply to say “Hi,” or that wanted to check in about a particular issue or event. EAC clearly has had an important impact in the community and is an important player in the conservation efforts around Marin. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with EAC, and am looking forward to seeing how they continue to grow.
— Lindsay

Lindsay Deright Goldasich, CONSERVATION legal and policy intern

May 2019-August 2019
Lindsay’s internship was focused on groundwater research

Lindsay joined our team for a summer internship in 2019. She has just completed her first year at Berkeley Law and is excited to finally be able to put some of her legal knowledge to work.

Lindsay is from Orange County and earned both her B.S. and M.S. from UC San Diego, studying Biology in-between surf sessions. For her master’s work, she studied honey bees and how their foraging behavior was affected by neonicotinoid honey bees. Afterwards, she continued working in research with UC San Diego, but transitioned to microbiology and how microbes impact human, animal, plant, and environmental health. She was also the point-person in the wet lab for the American Gut Project, a citizen science project allowing participants from around the world to learn more about their skin, gut, and oral microbial ecology.

Lindsay transitioned into law with the goal of applying her background in the sciences to environmental law. She will be working with us on marine, coastal, and fresh water projects to help protect and maintain the natural beauty of West Marin.


June 2019-August 2019
JD’s internship is focused on Marin MPA Watch

JD joined the EAC team as an intern during the summer of 2019. Growing up in Fairfax, California, he spent his free time mountain biking, running, and enjoying the outdoors in the greater Mount Tamalpais and Point Reyes area. These beautiful surroundings had a huge influence on his desire to help preserve and protect the environment.

JD will be entering his senior year at the University of Washington in the fall of 2019 studying international relations with a focus on global environmental policy. He hopes to become more involved in work with international organizations and/or jobs that keep him in nature. With EAC, he is excited to spend more time in the Point Reyes area working to inform local environmental policy and spread awareness of the Point Reyes wilderness to the local community.


Spending the summer with EAC was an absolute pleasure. The staff shows incredible passion for environmental advocacy and protecting West Marin’s resources. I was able to share my passion for the ocean with the public as well as complete a couple projects that focused on marine protected areas. Thanks for all the support this summer EAC!
— Ashley

June 2019-August 2019
Ashley’s internship is focused on Marin MPA Watch and development of a five-year program report looking at human use trends on Duxbury Reef.

Ashley joined the EAC team for a summer internship in 2019. Originally from Aptos, CA, Ashley meant a majority of her childhood boogie boarding and exploring the beach. Her interest in policy began in junior high school where she participated on the Mock Trial team and continued on a team into high school. Wanting to combine her love for the ocean with policy, Ashley earned her B.S. in Marine Science from California State University Monterey Bay. While there, Ashley earned her SCUBA diving certification, volunteered at the Monterey Bay Aquarium with Sea Otter Research as well as the Watsonville Area Teens Conserving Habitats (WATCH) program which focused on mentoring high school students with research projects. In addition, Ashley has worked for California State Parks providing educational programs to school children as well as educating the general public about nature’s wonders.

To further her education, Ashley began her M.A. in Marine Conservation and Policy at Stony Brook University. Understanding the importance between policy and education, Ashley joined the EAC team working with MPA Watch. She is excited to teach the community how to collect scientific data and how this data can be used to inform policy change.