Protecting and sustaining the unique lands,
waters, and biodiversity of West Marin

Not every place is fortunate enough to have its own environmental watchdog.
Here in West Marin we do, but only for as long as we ensure that it continues.
— Catherine Caufield, EAC member and Inverness resident

The Environmental Action Committee of West Marin (EAC) is a 501(3)(c) environmental nonprofit centrally located in Point Reyes Station, California, the gateway town to the only national seashore on the West Coast.

Since 1971, EAC has remained engaged in the protection of West Marin’s unique lands, waters and biodiversity through advocacy, engagement and education. Located just an hour from San Francisco, our work focuses on large scale environmental threats (i.e. land-use, coastal protections, and climate change) facing the unincorporated coastal communities of West Marin from Dillon to Muir beaches. West Marin is the largest rural region of Marin County, California, and is home to approximately 16,000 people, or about 6.5% of the population of Marin County, and receives over 2+ million visitors a year in search of respite, relaxation, and recreation. 

As one of the only local environmental nonprofits taking on multi-year, and sometimes decade-long campaigns to address environmental threats, we provide an essential voice on behalf of the West Marin’s priceless natural resources. We accomplish our work by bringing people, science and policy together to protect vital ecosystems, defend critical legislation, enforce accountability of our leaders and legislators, and rally our community to become stewards of their community. Often our efforts are not fought over night, so your long-term support and generosity is critical to our ongoing efforts to ensure environmental protection measures are in place and lasting.



To protect and sustain the unique lands, waters, and biodiversity of West Marin. 
We achieve this goal through environmental advocacy, education and engagement opportunities.


Black Mountain and Tomales Bay © Carlos Porrata

Black Mountain and Tomales Bay © Carlos Porrata


© Carlos Porrata

© Carlos Porrata


Monarch Butterfly © Carlos Porrata

Monarch Butterfly © Carlos Porrata


Our work strives to provide long-term protection and conservation of the unique ecosystems and rural communities of West Marin, and serves as a foundation of environmental protection for future generations.

Guiding Principles


Use grassroots strategies to research and publicize local environmental issues facing our community to inform, empower, and educate stakeholders and our members.


Respect the complex ecology and intrinsic value of the natural world.


Partner with local communities, organizations, governments, businesses, and members to ensure maximum public participation around local environmental issues.


Provide opportunities to learn about the environment through events, community workshops, outreach, and publications. 


Engage our community in activities that promote a healthy environment, including stewardship through membership, events, citizen science and volunteer opportunities. 


Use science, law, and policy to make ethical decisions around complex environmental issues in a dynamic environmental and political landscape.