No Straws, Please!

In early 2018, EAC was contacted by third grader, Viola, who was deeply concerned about plastic in the environment and in the ocean. Viola was interested to see if she could make some changes in her local community to reduce single-use of plastic straws. 

It was a perfect match! In the summer of 2017 EAC's college interns designed a project for West Marin to reduce plastic straw use. EAC shared our resources and agreed to sponsor the project and teamed Viola up with another local third grader, Reese.

The girls got to work, to begin a project about the dangers of straws with an action request to visit local restaurants to change to plastic straw alternatives and straws upon request.


BUSINESSES VISITED & using plastic alternatives

Since starting the project the girls (and staff) have met with several local businesses and Marin County District Four Supervisor. Stay tuned after the summer for more updates!

* Some of our allies in the disability community need straws.  Those who have had a stroke, or have autism, MS, or another life changing physical issue may need a straw. Please ensure alternatives are available.

why ditch plastic straws?

straw photo.jpg

Viola and Reese wrote a Letter to the Editor to the Point Reyes Light explaining their reasons:

"500 million straws are thrown away in the US every day. Straws may seem not that important but they don’t biodegrade, they just get broken into smaller pieces, which get eaten my marine animals. We need to stop using plastic straws."

Visit The Last Plastic Straw to learn more about the impact of single-use plastic straws on the environment.


Take the


Join Viola, Reese, and their classmates in signing a pledge to remind your waiter, "No straw, please".* Commit to using eco-friendly reusable straws like metal, bamboo, glass, or paper when you want a straw at home, and Bring Your Own Straw (BYOS).  You'll be joining thousands across the U.S. in pledging to reduce single-use plastics that end up in our marine environment. 

west marin businesses 

West Marin businesses are invited to join the girls in refusing plastic straws and offering "straws upon request." *

Many businesses are up to the challenge! Thank you to Hog Island Oyster Co. for your pledge to use paper straws! Check back here for a map of restaurants as the girls secure more commitments from local restaurants -- and make sure you let your favorite restaurant know that you appreciate their commitment to cleaner oceans.

Local Business FAQ


to our generous donor for making
our No Straw, Please Campaign possible