When Bay Area counties are ranked by the acres they have permanently protected in parks, wildlife refuges and open space preserves, Marin County comes in first with 55.6% of its land, or approximately 289 square miles protected. These lands are primarily found in the western region of the county, in or around what we affectionately call West Marin. Shaped by tectonic plates, divided by the San Andreas Fault, and set along the Pacific Flyway and Pacific Ocean, West Marin is species rich, diverse, and beaming with life and park protections. However, with roughly 6.5% of Marin’s population residing in the area, plus 2 million visitors a year, environmental threats like development, pollution, and climate change pose a unique set of challenges to its use and management.

Since 1971, EAC has been actively advocating to protect land from Dillon to Muir beaches. Our prior successes have included opposing the county-wide plan that would have constructed a six-lane highway from the Golden Gate Bridge to Point Reyes and constructed over 156,000 homes, stopping the West Marin landfill expansion, and protecting of the Drakes Estero Wilderness. 

Land managers have an enormous impact in shaping the natural environment. EAC engages in the public processes of our local, regional, and federal agencies to ensure that modifications to the West Marin environment and watersheds are environmentally sustainable and compliant with applicable policies and regulations. We work diligently to protect West Marin's lands by supporting our public lands, monitoring land-use policies, proposed development activities, and planning for climate change adaptation.

We actively engage in public land-use and climate change planning efforts through submitting comments, testifying, community engagement, and participating in stakeholder groups. Visit some of the links below to learn more about our specific past and current program work.


Black Mountain © Carlos Porrata

Black Mountain © Carlos Porrata


Point Reyes National Seashore © Jessica Taylor

Point Reyes National Seashore © Jessica Taylor


Black Mountain © Carlos Porrata

Black Mountain © Carlos Porrata

Lands Advisory Committee:

EAC’s committees provide expertise and advice on the complicated issues facing our environment. Our Lands Advisory Committee explores the details on issues and makes recommendations to the EAC board, as well as helping guide staff decision-making. The Lands Advisory Committee works on issues involving land-use and planning, public lands (federal, state, and county), and impacts of climate change on West Marin’s lands.


Bridger Mitchell, Ph.D., Board President
Terence Carroll, Board Treasurer
Sarah Killingsworth, Director
David Wimpfheimer, Director


Morgan Patton, Executive Director
Ashely Eagle-Gibbs, Conservation Director

Learn more about West Marin's unique and irreplaceable landscapes and our colleagues:

Photographs by Carlos Porrata