Point Reyes National Seashore's
General Management Plan Amendment 


Background and General Information 


The National Park Service (NPS) has begun their General Management Plan Amendment process for Point Reyes National Seashore. NPS released a General Management Plan Amendment Newsletter that provides basic information on the approach NPS will take when reviewing potential changes to the management guidance. 

NPS accepted public comments on a set of six conceptual alternatives through November 22, 2017. This is the beginning of a lengthy process in which NPS will update management guidance for more than 28,000 acres of NPS lands currently leased for ranching. Sample Comment Language

EAC's Position

The GMPA must protect, restore, and preserve park resources using ranch leases that ensure that multi-generational, environmentally sustainable ranching is complementary to the natural resources and visitor experiences within the park.
— Morgan Patton, EAC executive director

For over 45-years, EAC has addressed the important environmental issues that face our community and public lands.  We have worked on community development and public access to parks and coastal areas, supported pathways for ecologically sustainable agriculture, promoted affordable housing development, protected wildlife, supported strong coastal protections, provided environmental education, and protected Tomales Bay and West Marin’s watersheds. 

EAC understands the six Concepts presented in the GMPA Newsletter are a commencement of a process intended to engage public feedback and ideas, a process that, at this time, is deficient of definitions, baselines, and scope. Therefore, the public is not limited or constrained by the conceptual alternatives and should use this comment period to seek clarification, question the conceptual choices, and present information that is missing.


EAC remains committed to our guiding principles to ensure the protection and preservation of natural resources, restoration of degraded habitats and park resources, and to allow maximum public access to parklands.   

Public feedback is important. The public has an opportunity to ask questions, let the park know what is missing, and request clarity around proposed concepts. Public feedback will inform the next stage of the process. 
— Morgan Patton, EAC Executive Director


EAC's comment letter. 

EAC encourages our members to use this comment period to seek clarification, question the choices in the Concepts, present information that is missing, and offer your thoughts on how things could be done. Furthermore, EAC understands that the Concepts presented by NPS to the public mark the commencement of a process to engage public feedback and ideas. Therefore, the public should not be constrained or feel pressure to support a specific Concept at this time. Read Sample Comment Language.

NPS General Management Plan Amendment Timeline

First phase:
Begin GMP Amendment planning

  • 37-day public comment period and public meetings (Oct-Nov 2017)
  • NPS refines concept range of alternatives and initial proposal
  • NPS gathers necessary information to meaningfully evaluate the impacts of the concept alternatives

Second phase:
Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)
for the GMP Amendment

  • Notice of intent (NOI) to prepare an EIS, 30-day public comment period and public meetings
  • NPS develops a draft EIS for GMP Amendment
  • Draft EIS released to public for a minimum 45-day review, public comments, and public meetings
  • NPS develops final EIS for GMP Amendment
  • Final EIS released to public, minimum 30-day waiting period
  • GMP Amendment record of decision (ROD) signed by July 14, 2021