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  • Support up to 3 schools or nonprofits and make sure to choose the Environmental Action Committee of West Marin as your nonprofit of choice!
  • Register store cards to earn.
  • Register credit/debit cards to earn.


  • Shop online (non cards necessary) or shop locally.
  • Dine out or book travel.
  • Earn automatically when you shop.
  • Thousands of merchants that give back.
  • Plus coupons and special offers not found elsewhere


  • Automatically earn for your causes.
  • Over $400 Million raised to date.
  • Buy things you normally buy.
  • Shop with 1000’s of merchants who care!
  • Safe, and secure.

Three Ways to Give Back Through eScrip

Shop at the Online Mall

The eScript Online Mall has hundreds of your favorite shops that will help you earn donations for our cause, and give you access to offers and coupons.

Whether you want to shop the latest fashions from Bloomingdales or Nordstrom, or if you are gearing up with the latest gadgets from the Apple Store, or bargain hunting at eBay, your shopping will make a difference for our mission. Plus you don't have to have to register for any cards to shop and give! 

Just pick our nonprofit Environmental Action Committee of West Marin as one of your three causes to support, and start shopping. 


Loyalty Cards

Sign up for store loyalty cards (grocers, drug stores, etc.), or add your existing loyalty cards with participating stores, and a percentage of your shopping will also be added to our donation bucket. Find merchants and sign up or register your current cards



Debit and Credit Cards

Or register your debit/credit cards and a percentage of your shopping will also be donated. 

This is a safe and secure way to give back, and contribute to our cause to protect and sustain the unique lands, waters, and biodiversity of West Marin for years to come. Thank you! 

Tips & Tricks


Coupons & Special Offers

Don't forget to check out coupons and special offers on shopping, dining and travel through the Online Mall, and save while you shop and give. 

Compare & Shop

Use the Online Mall's compare feature to compare products and offers. If you visit a comparison site outside the mall, come back to the Online Mall before you make your purchase.


ForgetMenot toolbar

Install the ForgetMeNot toolbar to automatically earn from most of our eScrip shops online without going directly through the Online Mall site. You'll get instant access to all coupons and offers with this tool too!

Enable your cookies!

Make sure you have your cookies enabled before you shop. Cookies allow us to allocate earnings to us automatically when you shop online.

Questions? Email Us or call (415) 663.9312