Aquaculture BMPs Move Forward

The aquaculture best management practices (BMPs) are moving forward. On October 25th, EAC represented the environmental interest along with a member of our Waters Advisory Committee, participating at an additional stakeholder meeting in Santa Rosa. Then on November 14th, Ashley Eagle-Gibbs, EAC’s Conservation Director, traveled to Sacramento with a member of our Waters Advisory Committee to continue to advocate for BMPs to the Fish and Game Commission’s Marine Resources Committee (MRC). EAC testified at the MRC meeting, as well as submitting written comments in advance.


Earlier this year, in May 2018, the Fish and Game Commission held a BMP stakeholder meeting in Santa Barbara to obtain input from southern California stakeholders. EAC was not able to attend this meeting, but we partnered with Heal the Bay to make sure that the environmental interests were represented.

Stay tuned for additional opportunities to get involved in this important rulemaking process.

…[W]e fully support the Commission’s action to undertake a formal rulemaking process…. for these BMP plans to be effective, the Department [of Fish and Wildlife] needs more funding and adequate staff for compliance oversight and enforcement, which must include inspections. We are also supportive of the Coastal Commission’s approach to improving management practices through conditions in [Coastal Development Permits]… We…look forward to continued involvement in a transparent public process…to ensure the strongest protection for our public trust resources.
— Ashley Eagle-Gibbs, Conservation Director

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