The Coastal Commission Moves the Marin LCP Forward

The Environmental Action Committee of West Marin presented public testimony to the California Coastal Commission (Commission) on Wednesday concerning the Marin County Local Coastal Program (LCP) amendments. The Commission voted unanimously to certify LCP amendments in areas that focused on agricultural development and definitions, and community zoning concerns. It was the first time in the LCP’s long history that the Commission staff recommended approval as submitted.

The Planning Commission Moves Marin’s LCP Forward

The Planning Commission Moves Marin’s LCP Forward

On October 11th, the Marin County Planning Commission (Planning Commission) considered proposed amendments and modifications to the Local Coastal Program (LCP), specifically Amendments Nos. 3 (Implementation Plan related to agriculture) and 7 (remaining Implementation Plan sections), Land Use Policy C-PK-3 and related LCP map changes. In advance of the hearing, EAC submitted written comments highlighting our concerns with the County’s proposed language modifications.

County Accepts Some of the LCPA

April 24, 2018 - The Marin County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to approve Local Coastal Program amendments 1, 2, and 6, supporting their staff's recommendation. They did not approve amendments 3 (agriculture) and 7 (definitions). This is consistent with the Marin County Community Development Agency (CDA) staff recommendations.

LCPA Stumbling Due to Definition of Ongoing Agriculture

Most of Marin County's LCPA was conditionally certified over a year ago. At that time, the directions from the former Coastal Commissioner were clear, return to the Commission with an updated Environmental Hazards Chapter in six-months. The intention was clear, the Commission Chair modified the definition of "on-going agriculture" and moved to wrap up the eight-year amendment as soon as possible.

County Withdraws Environmental Hazards

Following the November 2016 Coastal Commission decision to remove the Environmental Hazards chapter from the LCPA certification, this created a requirement for the Coastal Commission to revisit the Hazards chapter by September 29, 2017. Action would be required to either certify the Hazards chapter in its 2016 version or withdraw it from consideration.   

Coastal Commission Conditionally Certifies Most of Marin's LCP Amendments

The proposed Marin LCP amendments to the Land Use Plan (LUP) and the Implementation Plan (IP) with the exception of the Environmental Hazards sections (to be revisited at a later date) were approved, subject to revisions to the definition of ongoing agriculture as Commissioner Kinsey requested at the November hearing. The Coastal Commission gave Marin County until May 2, 2017 to accept the Coastal Commission's suggested modifications or the approval would expire