Coastal Commission Conditionally Certifies Most of Marin's LCP Amendments

Commission's Actions

On November 2, 2016, the Coastal Commission considered the proposed Marin LCP amendments for certification in Half Moon Bay, CA. The proposed Marin LCP amendments to the Land Use Plan (LUP) and the Implementation Plan (IP) with the exception of the Environmental Hazards sections (to be revisited at a later date) were approved, subject to revisions to the definition of ongoing agriculture as Commissioner Kinsey requested at the November hearing. The Coastal Commission gave Marin County until May 2, 2017 to accept the Coastal Commission's suggested modifications or the approval would expire. 

Coastal Commission Actions

The Coastal Commission considered the LCP Amendment for certification on November 2, 2016 in Half Moon Bay and made the below modifications to the submission:

  • Removed the Environmental Hazards sections (i.e. sea-level rise) and directed Marin County and Coastal Commission staff to revise and return at a later date.
  • Adopted the Land Use Plan (LUP) and Implementation Plan (IP) with Coastal Commission staff recommendations.
  • Modified the definition of ongoing agriculture by removing the language:
    • existing legally established agricultural production, and conversion of grazing area to crop production. The removal of these lines allow exceptions for activities which would otherwise require a Coastal Development Permit.

Marin County Actions

The County had previously scheduled a Board of Supervisors hearing on the LCP Amendment for December 13, 2016, but the hearing has been postponed indefinitely. Certification of the entire LCP is stalled pending action on the environmental hazards sections. Until the entire LCP is certified, the 1981 LCP remains in effect.

EAC's Role

EAC continues to work with the County, Coastal Commission, our partner organizations, and our members to advocate for strong Environmental Hazards sections. Our main goals related to the Environmental Hazards sections include advocacy for policies that:

  1. Address climate change adaptation planning and mitigation measures including strategies to address public works, wastewater and transportation.
  2. Consider avoidance of hazards as the first step for new development.
  3. Minimize adverse impact to beaches from shoreline protective devices, i.e. sea walls.
  4. Mitigate coastal resource impacts where unavoidable.
  5. Mitigate (and reduce) shoreline erosion, changes to sand supply, and loss of beach area and wetlands that may result and allow for continued public access to the coast.

Thanks to our supporters,  EAC has been dedicated to tracking, reviewing and actively participating in the Marin County Local Coastal Program (LCP) Amendment process for the past eight years. Our advocacy work demands careful review of policy documents, submitting comments, attending hearings, working with local partners (like Turtle Island Restoration Network), and our constituents to protect and preserve West Marin for generations to come.

The LCP Amendment impacts all of us in West Marin, as it will guide the nature and pace of development in West Marin for the next 30+ years. The Amendment will have a lasting impact on our coastal resources, view sheds, public access, and our ability to participate in the planning processes for generations to come. 

Next Steps

Marin County Community Development Agency staff needs to meet with the Coastal Commission staff to address the areas of disagreement in the Environmental Hazards chapter, revise their work, and return to the Marin County Board of Supervisors and Coastal Commisison for certification. EAC will continue to remain engaged in this critical planning issue.