Meeting with 8th Graders & Supervisor Rodoni

June 7 2018 Lagunitas School 3.jpg

Today, I went to Lagunitas School to meet with 8th graders. Their names are David and Miles. They are working on a project to ban plastic straws in San Geronimo Valley. Also at the meeting was the school principal (Laura Shain), middle school teacher (Katherine Sanford), and Supervisor Dennis Rodoni and his aide Rhonda. 

I talked to them about plastic straws and the work Viola and I are doing. Dennis said he supports us and says we should keep working. The 8th graders are going to send their video to our website so we can all work together. 

I learned that other people care about reducing plastic pollution. I can't wait to tell Viola about the meeting. 

- Reese


P.S. Please take our pledge to no longer use plastic straws. 

June 7 2018 Lagunitas School 2.JPG
June 7 2018 Lagunitas School 1.JPG