Uphold the Integrity of the Coastal Act! Oppose AB 2754

Carlos Porrata

Uphold the Coastal Act

EAC has a long history of state, local, and federal coastal advocacy on behalf of our coastal communities. We understand the importance of protecting our lands, waters, and biodiversity. We need your help today to protect our coast!

The Issue

EAC needs your help to submit comments to oppose Assembly Bill 2754. This legislation is intended to amend the 1976 Coastal Act by redefining the definition of "coastal development" to exclude "ongoing agricultural" activities. If AB 2754 is approved, it would be the first time in 40 years since the passage of the Coastal Act that the legislature has unilaterally declared certain activities exempt from the Coastal Act. This would set an irreversible precedent and result in additional requests from industries seeking similar exemptions that would further threaten our coastal resources. 

By making this amendment to the Coastal Act, there are statewide implications that cannot be reversed. AB 2754 undermines the Coastal Commission’s authority to protect coastal resources, as there are many examples of local governments getting county approved development plans that have substantial impacts to coastal resources that require the Coastal Commission to intervene.

Additionally, the definition of “routine and ongoing agricultural activities” listed in 14 California Code of Regulations Section 786.1 is very broadly defined, so excluding “routine and ongoing agricultural activities” from “coastal development” is in effect excluding a long list of development activities with negative environmental impacts. The following is a list of activities that are proposed for exemption:

  • cultivation and tillage of the soil;
  • crop rotation and fallowing;
  • dairying;
  • the production, cultivation, growing, replanting and harvesting of any agricultural commodity including viticulture, vermiculture, apiculture, or horticulture;
  • the raising of livestock, fur bearing animals, fish, or poultry; and
  • any practices performed by a farmer on a farm as incident to or in conjunction with those farming operations, including the preparation for market, delivery to storage or to market, or delivery to carriers for transportation to market.

Next Steps

EAC opposes this bill and needs your voice to submit opposition to the California Assembly Natural Resources Committee by April 18th! 

Comments are no longer being accepted, EAC will keep you posted as news develops on this important Coastal Act issue.

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